Our vision: objectives and intentions

We have a strong commitment towards making a difference with our work. We want to improve the livelihoods of the families we are working with.

Our vision is to make smallholder coffee farmers competitive on the basis of sustainable practices in order to improve their livelihood. This vision goes beyond the implementation of individual development projects; ICP wants to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the coffee sector in regions and countries. Innovative regional programs in Trifinio (border triangle of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador), Uganda and Tanzania as well as Brazil demonstrate the significant benefits for producers and the entire supply chain, generate relevant experiences on developing farmer operations and provide valuable guidance for stakeholders and the coffee policy framework.

By 2018, we want to reach 75.000 farming families!

The project activities of the International Coffee Partners made technical guidance accessible for smallholder coffee farmers in the area of São Francisco de Paula (Minas Gerais) in the south-east of Brazil. One of them: Sr. Jesus – a smallholder farmer who has first experienced the potential his coffee lands carry. Knowledge about the quality of his coffee puts him in a better bargaining position with the local traders, reducing the defects makes him improve the quality of his beans considerably and appropriate growing practices help him to reduce production costs and increase yield. He now aims at expanding his fields to 1,2ha. Read the full story!



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Our vision: objectives and intentions
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