International Coffee Partners (ICP) in Indonesia

Active since 2014

Current project phase until 2023

Home to a rich, diverse eco-system, Indonesia grows some of the worlds exceptional coffees. Indonesia is among the world’s largest coffee producing and exporting countries. Like in our other project regions, smallholder coffee farmer families in Indonesia face challenges like poor access to expertise and support services, effects of climate change, and lack of agricultural knowledge.

The current project is located in the region of OKU Selatan District in Southern Sumatra. ICP focuses in Indonesia on:

improving the profitability for smallholder coffee farmers,
the provision of professional capacitiy building combined with the establishment of farmer organizations,
promoting the participation of women in all operations,
improving the perspectives of youths in the rural areas.

Since 2007, ICP has implemented projects in coffee producing regions in Asia.
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Achievements since first project started:

Farmer Organizations ICP worked with

Total households reached

Total impacted farmland

Youth attendance rate:
28 %

Area under coffee:
21,600 ha

Green bean yields of project farmers compared to non-project farmers in 2020:
40 % higher

Current project phase:

Improve the livelihoods of smallholder coffee farming households by:

– Increasing quantity and quality of coffee.
– Supporting climate change resilience.
– Families being organized in strong and professional farmer organizations.
– Counteracting deforestation.

The project strengthens smallholders adaptation to changing climatic conditions. This should increase the climate resilience of entire coffee landscapes. Using the coffee&climate approach, the project works with pioneer households to test a variety of of intercrops, shade and cover crops, fertilisation approaches and management regimes to best suit their local situation, resources and potential climate risks.

Aims of the current project

Farmer Story:

Almukatin family

2017 the family joined the Muda Jaya Farmer Group in order to register with the ICP project. Located in the ICP-project region southern Sumatra the family lives in one of the major Robusta-producing regions of Indonesia. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the family saw a decrease in income from farm products and increase in price of food and living costs. However, the pandemic also became an opportunity for innovations. Together with the on-going support of ICP the Almukatin family set up a small demonstration plot on their farm to test best-suited practices to boost overall farm resilience.

Find out more about the Almukatin family in times of COVID-19: