Smallholder farmers in Tanzania are struggling with notably low productivity levels for both cash crops and food crops resulting in inadequate levels of income. International Coffee Partners (ICP), works with these smallholder farmers to improve organizational development, increased coffee production, and empower farmers to strengthen their livelihoods among other important areas covered such as marketing and service linkages, climate-smart agriculture for coffee and food crops, gender equality and youth. Reaching over 25,000 farmer family households since 2010, some of the key objectives from the Tanzania project are to produce business orientated, member-driven and democratic three-tiered farmer organizations to provide professional services to their farmer members. It’s also essential to increase coffee and food crop production sustainably while improving crop quality. This is done by empowering farmer organization to effectively influence policymakers to create a conducive business environment and policy framework. By testing adaptation tools for smallholders to mitigate the impacts of climate change it allows them access information that would otherwise be unavailable for them. Lastly, joint decision taking on household levels and developed business options for youth and agriculture are vital for a successful outcome.

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Farmer Story:

Jimmy Kalonga

  • Jimmy started coffee farming in 1978 with just around 300 coffee trees with a low yield of 30-50kg of green coffee.
  • In 2007, Jimmy particpated in his first ICP training.
  • Through the project work, Jimmy learned about good agricultural practices.
  • Jimmy currently has 692 productive trees, 120 filed gaps and 600 infant trees.
  • Jimmy’s yield is now at around 600kg of green coffee.