Home to a rich, diverse eco-system, Indonesia grows some of the worlds exceptional coffees. Much like our other project regions, Indonesia faces challenges in adapting to climate change, gender equality, and proper farming organizational structures. International Coffee Partners (ICP), is focused on improving the profitability for smallholder coffee farmers in the project region of South Sumatra along with educating the farmers on good agricultural practices and techniques to address the ever-changing climate crisis.

Reaching over 7,300 farmer families, our project work started in 2014 and continues to this day. When the project started the average production per hectare of our project participants was around .5 tons. Now in 2019, it is over .7 tons per hectare. It goes behind higher yields; the quality is also improving which drives higher prices at market and thus a better quality of life for farming families. Since 2016, the project has established ten smallholder cooperatives. Of these, six have already begun to effectively assume a role in marketing coffee for their smallholder members.

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Farmer Story:

Pak Teguh

“I would like to thank the International Coffee Partners on their continued support with all coffee farmers in expanding our knowledge. I hope this support will continue and the local farmers can be automous. Coffee production and quality can be improved, which would lead to a better selling price. Those are our wishes as coffee farmers.”