In the Trifinio region of Central America which is made of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, the current project has been active sine 2014. International Coffee Partners (ICP), is striving to improve the economic, environmental and community conditions of the coffee growing regions in the upper catchment area of the Rio Lempa by implanting sustainable coffee practices, focusing on the production of good quality products, environmental responsibility, social equitability, and economic efficiency. ICP is addressing issues of coffee quality, productivity, adaptation to climate change, business development of farmer organizations and a strong focus on the family which includes gender inclusion and youth. To date, the project has promoted diverse activities with the tri-national coffee roundtable, including the coffee quality competition and tri-national coffee forum. It has also produced an impact assessment made by an independent third party that shows that farmers are in better conditions compared to farmers who have not been influenced by ICP’s project work, especially after the heavy rust attack of 2012.

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