Located in the tri-border area of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, the Trifinio Region is a key coffee growing region in Central America and a biodiversity hotspot.Since 2007, ICP has implemented projects in the Trifinio Region of Central America. In the Trifinio Region of El Salvador, the first phase of the project worked to establish farmer organizations and strengthen the implementation of climate-smart agricultural practices. The second phase, implemented between 2014-2019, focusedon the development of institutional training and support within the sector, including the establishment and strengthening of the coffee round-table, the Mesa de Café de la Region Trifinio (MCT). The MCT is a multi-stakeholder platform for all actors within the coffee value chain, including producers, farmer organizations, the three national coffee institutes of each country and the Trifinio Commission.

Building upon the success and advances to date, the new project (2020-2024) works to promote sustainable climate-smart landscapes in the departments of Ocotepeque, Copan and Lempira, located in the dry corridor of Honduras, through the implementation of and scaling of Climate-Smart Agricultural practices, the promotion of inclusive farming family businesses, and the development of strong farmer organizations  to improve member services, commercial relationships, and market access. The project will contribute to improved, more sustainable livelihoods for smallholder coffee farming families  through improved productivity via diversified production systems while increasing their competitive position within  the coffee value chain.

The project partners with the Tri-national Commission of the Trifinio Plan (CTPT), the tri-national body which oversees regionally development, including the Plan Maestro (Master Plan), a participatory effort which aims to increase understanding of current social, environmental and economic conditions and support the creation of tri-national development strategies. The project also works closely with the Honduran National Coffee Institute (IHCAFE), promoting a coordinated national climate and environmental coffee policy while contributing towards the development of a first climate-smart region in Honduras. Project activities are also complemented by Euroclima+ – a joint program implemented together by IHCAFE and HRNS, currently implemented in the dry corridor of Honduras.

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