In Uganda, International Coffee Partners (ICP), empowers farmer organizations to deliver expansion, access to higher value markets, improved market information, economies of scale through lower costs of inputs and services and linkages with other service providers. ICP believes this will strengthen the position of smallholder producers in the value chain and enhance their competitiveness. Having reached 38,000 farmer family households since the projects start in 2005 is a significant accomplishment in its own right. However, the project has achieved great success by establishing 58 depot committees (cooperatives) as service providers to their members. It has also enabled value addition of coffee through farmer organizations by approximately 20%, and depot committees are now regarded as interesting business partners for exporters which have led to Ibero Uganda, Kyagalanyi (Volcafe) and Great Lakes to develop commercial relationships with them.

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Hectars of Coffee

Day In The Life Of A Coffee Farmer – Kambere

The birds start singing early in the morning on the mountain side of the great Rwenzori Mountain Range in Uganda. Kambere (60), a coffee farmer, starts his 13 hour work day at 6 am but not before greeting his family before starting on his 1-kilometer trek down to the farm. Kambere attends to the animals before trekking to the 2-hectare coffee plantation downhill. While at the coffee farm, Kambere checks the coffee plants before tending to his garden.