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International Youth Day 2022: Because Passion Drives Success

International Youth Day 2022: Because Passion Drives Success

Written By:Anika Nicolaudius
Date:11 August 2022

Happy International Youth Day! A Youth Coffee Cupping series in Indonesia concluded with the celebration of International Youth Day 2022.

Roasting, grinding, and preparing the perfect cup of coffee – these skills are the cherry on the cake of successful coffee production. Mastering these skills creates a deeper understanding of coffee: How do the different coffee types taste? What impact does the whole production process have on the quality of the end product? Learning about all this helps farmers look at coffee not only as a valuable source of income but also as an appreciated product that can be enjoyed – and that brings enjoyment to people. And isn’t appreciation the key to truly loving what we do?

We love coffee. Not only the rich and delicious end product; but also because coffee offers great opportunities for people to create a business, improve their income, and lead a successful life. So we would like to support specifically youths to develop a passion for this wonderful commodity. That’s why – through our implementing partner Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) – we offer special training on coffee preparation as well as coffee cuppings for the younger generation.

In South Sumatra, Indonesia, HRNS has just recently implemented such training and coffee cuppings with 21 young women and 117 young men of the age of 16-30 years spread in nine Villages located in six Sub-Districts. Step by step, they went through the daily business of a coffee barista – grinding and brewing, cup after cup. They performed physical and sensory analyses. They talked “acidity”, “sweetness” or “body”. And they learned about coffee quality parameters and how different attributes, like the cultivation altitude, the soil, the variety, and the way it is processed impact its flavor such as “Natural”, “Honey”, “Wine”, and “Fullwashed”. Yesterday the event series peaked in the celebration of International Youth Day 2022.

And the endeavor yielded success: The young participants gained a deeper knowledge of the product they are working with. This will also help them to have a better negotiating position on the market. And: Inspired by the event, some of fresh coffee lovers have even put their minds together to set up a small processing plant in their village. We wish them all the best in their undertaking!