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Field Notes

Field Notes

Follow us along as we report straight from the field. Get first-hand insights into the daily life of the coffee farming families participating in our projects. And stay informed on our activities for a lasting impact.

Income diversification Indonesia

With Resourcefulness To Resources: A Better Income for Coffee Farming Families in Indonesia

There are numerous paths for coffee farming families to achieve a more substantial income. Often these paths include a combination of resourcefulness and creativity: Resourcefulness involves seeking innovative solutions and maximizing the potential of their immediate surrounding, while creativity means the ability to establish fresh income streams.

Coffee is of course a major income source for smallholder families participating in ICP projects. However, farmers who opt to diversify their income become more independent from their coffee-generated earnings. This diversification enhances their resilience against the inherent volatility of the market and improves their financial stability. Depending on the type of business, it ...

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Strengthening Coffee Farming Communities

Strengthening Coffee Farming Communities Amid Global Challenges

In 2022, International Coffee Partners (ICP) has reached more than 115,000 coffee-farming households since our founding in 2001. A number that is growing year after year as our work continues. In all our project regions, we integrate all aspects according to our Theory of Change: Family businesses, farmer organizations, climate change, youth, and gender. A holistic approach that was once again proven to support coffee farming families in coping with a variety of challenges as well as unpredicted situations as in 2022.

The year 2022 unfolded with both hope and adversity in coffee-growing regions worldwide: As the world slowly emerged from ...

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