our impact

International Coffee Partners (ICP) has served 92,693 households*

Countries that ICP covers

Average household size

Average hectars owned for coffee

Average bags of coffee per household produced annualy

The background of ICP farmers:

78% Africa
7% Latin America
15% Asia

Current number of hectares of coffee ICP work impacts.

of ICP impacted hectares are under Good Agricultural Practice management.

metric tons of coffee sold via the farmer organizations in crop season 2016/2017.

million USD more in income for project farmers by selling through farmer organizations

Climate Change

In Brazil, Central America, Tanzania and Indonesia, 46% of farmers apply climate change adaptation practices.


In Uganda and Tanzania, through our gender household approach, women are given equal opportunities to succeed.

Farmer Organizations

ICP has supported and helped form 1,763 Farmer Organizations since 2001.

*As of 31.12.2019 – All other data points are from the crop year 2016/2017