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Delta Cafés Joining International Coffee Partners Strengthens the Future of Coffee

Press Release: Delta Cafés Joining International Coffee Partners Strengthens the Future of Coffee

Date:1 July 2018
  • Delta Cafés, a family-owned company since 1961, joins International Coffee Partners which includes 7 leading European family owned coffee companies.
  • Membership takes effect July 1st, 2018.
  • International Coffee Partners members include Franck of Croatia, Joh. Johannson of Norway, Lavazza of Italy, Löfbergs of Sweden, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe of Germany, Paulig of Finland and Tchibo of Germany.

The Portuguese family-owned coffee company Delta Cafés joins International Coffee Partners (ICP) as of July 1st, 2018. For almost 17 years, International Coffee Partners (ICP) has been addressing important issues affecting smallholder coffee farmers, their families, and communities. Founded in 2001, Tchibo, Lavazza, Paulig, Löfbergs, and Neumann Kaffee Gruppe formed ICP to address the issues facing smallholder farmers and secure the future of coffee. The addition of Joh. Johannson in 2011 and Franck in 2014 further solidified the work of ICP within the coffee sector. With over 74,000 farmer families reached in over 12 countries, such as Uganda, Indonesia, Brazil, and Honduras; the addition of Delta Cafés will add valuable insights and allow ICP to continue its strong presence within the sector. The work of ICP does in securing the livelihood perspectives of coffee farmer families and their descendants as the growers of tomorrow is achieved with trainings that cover organizational development, farming systems, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“International Coffee Partners is proud to welcome Delta Cafés to its family. With the addition of Delta Cafés, we can continue to develop, run and scale-up best practice projects with smallholder coffee farmers worldwide. The company has a long track record of supporting societal development in Portugal and abroad where projects were implemented with producer communities in Angola and Timor Leste. Corresponding experiences related to farmer empowerment and education of kids will become available to further develop ICP approaches” Chairperson of International Coffee Partners, Kathrine Löfberg states.

Delta Cafés, which was founded in 1961, started in a small 50 sq. meter warehouse and grew to become Portugal’s most recognized brands in coffee. Now, in 2018, Delta Cafés has joined International Coffee Partners as a shareholder and in cooperation with the other members will work together to continue ICP’s long history of putting the farmer first. This means that along with their implementing partner, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS), ICP not only works side-by-side with coffee farmers, communities and partners but develops long-lasting sustainable approaches for better livelihoods in producing families and communities at the bottom of the pyramid.

“We at Delta Cafés are very proud to be a part of the ICP Family. Since the first time we learned about ICP we fell that this is a project that has our own family values in it, the care for the society and the care for the coffee. Over the decades Delta has been investing in many projects that are socially responsible, and we’ve done so in our home country and abroad.

We take great care and concern within our industry and society, and how we can contribute to lasting impacts. With International Coffee Partners, Delta Cafés is joining other leading family-owned coffee businesses to work with the producer families that bring coffee to our tables. We are excited to join this dynamic group and portfolio of successful projects worldwide.” Board Member of Delta Cafés, Rui Miguel Nabeiro.

About International Coffee Partners (ICP)

ICP’s aim is to make smallholder coffee farmers competitive on the basis of sustainable practices in order to improve their livelihoods. This vision goes beyond the implementation of individual development projects; International Coffee Partners wants to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the coffee sector at large. Innovative regional programs in Central America, Uganda, and Tanzania as well as Brazil demonstrate the significant benefits for farmer families and the entire supply chain, generate relevant experiences on developing farmer operations and provide valuable guidance for stakeholders and the coffee policy framework.

About Delta Cafés

The Delta Cafés Group, with more than 50 years of history, is the leader in its local market – Portugal. Internationally, Delta Cafés is also present in over 35 countries spread over five continents. In Spain, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Angola, Brazil, and China, Delta operates directly through subsidiaries while in the remaining countries the business model is based on partnerships with local Distributors. Since its inception, Delta Cafés has always ensured the development and expansion of the brand through innovation and a strong commitment on a commercial network. The goal of Delta Cafés is to continue strengthening leadership and openness to new markets, thinking globally and acting locally. Thus being able of meeting the needs of its consumers in different markets. With more than 3,500 employees worldwide, the group's business is focused on two core brands: Delta Cafés (ground and bean coffee), and Delta Q (capsule coffee).

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