International Coffee Partners (ICP) in Brazil

Active since 2010

Current project phase until 2023

Brazil is known as one of the essential producers of coffee worldwide and with that comes significant challenges facing the smallholder coffee farmers in the region. Family farmers are representing 35% of the national production, and therefore International Coffee Partners (ICP), focuses on these families to provide access to support services, access to markets, climate change adaptation practices and more. Our project covers two crucial regions in Brazil: Sul de Minas and Matas de Minas. These regions are vital in the production of coffee for Brazil, so it only makes sense we address the challenges these farmers face.

ICP in Brazil focuses on:
– Promotion of productive and entrepreneurial strategies,
– Organizational development by supporting farmer oganizations,
– Development of a circular economy approach on farm level,
– Establishment of climate-smart coffee regions,
– Youth development and empowerment,
– Gender empowerment through an inclusive programming approach.

Since 2010, ICP has implemented projects in several coffee producing regions in Brazil.
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Achievements since first project started:

Farmer Organizations working with

Total households reached

Total impacted farmland

Climate-smart agricultural practices adoption rate:
38 %

Rate of women in project activities and trainings:
23 %

Leaders trained to strengthening the management of farmer organizations:
41 (9 women and 32 men)

Current project phase:

Improve the livelihood situation of people in rural areas and contributing to shaping the coffee landscapes for future generations by:

– addressing climate change to increase farmer’s climate resiliency,
– promoting resilient coffee production systems while protecting natural resources,
– providing and improving access to support services and markets,
– dissemination of the project’s learning through an established Community of Practice (CoP),
– development of inclusive farming family businesses and empowerment of youth.

The project aims to support building a coffee landscape that is attractive for the young generation and that effectively protects its natural resources, integrating the concepts of climate change adaptation and mitigation and the livelihood perspectives in smallholder coffee farming. This will be achieved through the implementation and scaling of climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices based on the coffee&climate approach. The identification and promotion of practices to reduce and reuse organic waste from coffee production and processing is one of the learnings that public and private partners share within the established Community of Practice.

Farmer Testimonial:

Sebastiao Alves Ribeiro

“Without this project I don’t think we would be here because we were in a kind of forgotten place. When ICP came here, it was important to look at the coffee processing. The agronomists with Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung were important in providing insights and explaining how to do things. We now know how to handle certain situations and they were not just providing knowledge but training in the field as well which empowered me to produce a good product.”