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International Coffee Partners in Indonesia

Home to a rich, diverse ecosystem, Indonesia grows some of the world's most exceptional coffees. Indonesia is among the largest coffee-producing and exporting countries on the globe. As in our other project regions, smallholder coffee farmer families in Indonesia face challenges such as poor access to expertise and support services, effects of climate change, and little agricultural knowledge.

Current Project

Working towards Sustainable Livelihoods and Regenerative Agriculture in Southern Sumatra

Location: OKU Selatan Regency, South Sumatra Province and the Lampung Barat Regency (Southern Sumatra)

Timeline: January 2024 – December 2026

Target # of participants: 3,000 smallholder farming families (60 % new participants) and 600 youth

Main project objective: Improve the livelihoods of coffee farming families by making them more competitive and climate resilient, based on sustainable practices.

Project Highlights

Farming Families:

  • Promote agroforestry practices, based on the coffee&climate approach.
  • Promote the establishment of community or village nurseries (shade and cash crops).
  • Enhance biodiversity in coffee-based production systems and contribute to the protection of biodiversity with the buffer zone of remaining forest cover.
  • Sensitize on the importance of gender equality and empower women to start their own business activities related to agriculture.


  • Support the establishment of youth-led businesses.
  • Support youth to become Climate Pioneers in their communities.

Achievements Since the First Project Started


Total households reached since 2001

25,659 ha

Impacted farmland in current phase

96 %

Adoption rate for Good Agricultural Practices in 2022

99 %

Climate-smart agricultural practices adoption rate in 2022

26 %

Rate of women in project activities and trainings in 2022


Number of supported farmer organizations in current phase