International Coffee Partners (ICP) in Tanzania

Active since 2006

Current project phase until 2023

Smallholder farmers in Tanzania are struggling with notably low productivity levels for both cash crops and food crops resulting in inadequate levels of income. International Coffee Partners (ICP), works with these smallholder families in coffee regions since 2006 and has reached more than 25,000 families in Northern and Southern Tanzania. Currently ICP is active in the Mbeya and Songwe region.

The interventions of ICP have supported smallholder families to:

– develop business orientated, member-driven and democratic farmer organizations,
– increase coffee and food crop production sustainably while improving crop quality,
– test adaptation tools for smallholders to mitigate the impacts of climate change,
– promote joint decision taking on household levels and
– develop business options for youth in rural areas.

Map of Africa and Tanzania

Since 15 years, ICP has implemented projects in coffee regions in Nothern and Southern Tanzania. Click the button to view all past projects and access the attached final reports:

Achievements since first project started:

Farmer Organizations ICP worked with

Total households reached

Total impacted farmland

Supported farmer cooperatives:

Rate of women in project activities and trainings:
39 %

Rate of post-harvest practices adoption:
85 %

Current project phase:

The current project phase aims at empowering smallholder families to increase their resilience to climate change. It targets 4,000 smallholder families and 390 youth in Southern Tanzania (Mbeya and Songwe region).

Key objectives of the current project:

– upgrading and professionalization of farmer organizations,
– modernization and diversification of production systems in a sustainable climate resilient way,
– development of climate-change adaptation practices and the use of digital tools,
– gender mainstreaming with all project activities,
– creating economic opportunities for youth and supporting them in taking up active roles in their communities.

To develop activities to strengthen the adaptation to changing climatic conditions, climate-smart agriculture trainings are facilitated through the initiative for coffee&climate (c&c). The project’s aim is to build skills and provide methodologies for assessing climate change risks and planning for mitigation and adaptation strategies. The project has also established linkages to service providers to promote the use of climate-smart household practices including energy-efficient cooking stoves, domestic rainwater harvesting techniques and the use of alternative energy sources. Furthermore, the project promotes digital technologies to support the farming families to exchange on weather information and on useful climate change adaptation practices. Also, the project ist establishing c&c demo plots and showcasing sites to showcase climate change adaptation practices.

Woman holding young coffee tree

ICP in Tanzania – Meet Emil Augustino Mzumbwe

Farmer in Tanzania
In 2001, ICP launched its first project in Mbeya, Tanzania and over the years have driven numerous joint initiatives in the country. These projects have reached more than 15.000 coffee farmers. One of them is Emil Augustino Mzumbwe. When Emil and his wife Lugano Kibona joined the project, they could only manage to get 1.5 tonnes of parchment coffee. Since then their harvest kept on increasing season after season. Check out the video below to find out how and why the ICP project was able to improve their farming business.

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