International Coffee Partners (ICP) was founded in 2001 by dedicated coffee companies to address the challenges of smallholder coffee farming families together. Now, 20 years later, dedication and joint activities remain important to ICP Shareholders. But International Coffee Partners would be nothing without its shareholder Delta Cafès (Portugal), Franck (Croatia), Joh. Johannson (Norway), Lavazza (Italy), Löfbergs (Sweden), Neumann Gruppe (Germany), Paulig (Finland) and Tchibo (Germany). All family owned, European coffee companies to whom being part of ICP means being committed to collaborative approach to coffee sustainability. And that includes that ICP has become an integral part of the coffee sustainability work of the shareholder companies.

What ICP shareholders say

We are very proud to be a part of the ICP family. This project shares our family’s values and cares for society with great respect to the safekeeping of coffee and its culture. For decades, Delta has invested in many socially responsible projects, whether in Portugal or other international territories. We are committed to the progress of our industry, as well as the well-being of society. With ICP, Delta Cafés joins other important family-owned coffee companies to work together with the families of producers who bring coffee to our tables every day. We are grateful to be a part of this dynamic group and integrate the portfolio of successful projects worldwide.

Rui Miguel Nabeiro

CEO, Delta Cafés, Portugal

With the goal of actively contributing to sustainability of the global coffee market, supporting smallholder coffee growers and further development of coffee culture, Franck is honored to take part in joint efforts of ICP members. The results of these efforts and positive impact in terms of sustainable agricultural practices being implemented, as well as empowering smallholder coffee farming families is encouraging and crucial in ensuring a sustainable coffee sector. This drives us in our commitment to ICP values that are implemented in every aspect of its work. We are guided in our business by the principles of responsibility and sustainability and have always nurtured this approach inspiring us to think innovatively and constantly strive for the most effective sustainable solutions.

Ivan Artuković

Director, Franck, Croatia

Lavazza is a founding member of ICP and since 2001 has been actively helping farmers and encouraging best agricultural practices among smallholder coffee growers. The innovative ICP approach, based on transparency, long term commitment and proactive dialogue all along the coffee supply chain, has led to significant improvements and made ICP a role model for the sector. While celebrating our first 20 years of positive collaboration, we aim to continue in this direction and help today’s farmers face the challenges of climate change, youth engagement and family business and to foster social, economic and environmental development, by protecting biodiversity and enhancing quality.

Giuseppe Lavazza

Vice Chairman, Lavazza Group, Italy

Within ICP we work together with like-minded, family-owned coffee companies in order to improve the livelihood and development possibilities for small-scale coffee farmers around the world. Over the past 20 years we have shown the strength of joining forces, and that our holistic approach to empower farmers creates long-lasting results. As more people see a positive future in coffee, we are more likely to enjoy yet another hundred years as a coffee roaster.

Kathrine Löfberg

Chair of the Board, Löfbergs, Sweden

In the wake of the collapse of the quota system, the 1990ies were suffering from harmful price volatilities. First sustainability initiatives were focusing on coffee supply, its quality and price. Contrary to this, it was our conviction to put the human being farming the coffee into our focus and thus to contribute with exemplary models for a lasting improvement of living conditions of 100 million people in this sector. Only this way it would be possible for us to ensure the long-term supply of our product.
Very quickly, a circle of friends developed amongst leading European coffee entrepreneurs – the later shareholders of ICP. Over the years, we developed the concept further to presently include programs for youth initiatives, the empowerment of women, for structuring farmers’ organizations and for the adaptation to climate change.
ICP has always been true to this both humanistic and entrepreneurial notion. This guiding principle has united us partners over the last twenty years and we are confident that this success story will continue also for the next twenty years.
Neumann Gruppe is proud to have been a founding member of ICP and is looking towards the future of this unique partnership with great enthusiasm.
Michael R. Neumann

Member of the Advisory Board, Neumann Gruppe, Germany

African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” This proverb has come to life in the work of International Coffee Partners over the last 20 years where we have shown what a difference collaboration and true values based partnership can make when tackling the big challenges of our time from climate change to making a decent living for your family. This power of people coming together is nowhere more visible than in the ICP work around the world where smallholder coffee farmers have with the support of ICP and their own enterprise created a brighter future for their communities.

Lenita Ingelin

SVP, Business Area Finland & Baltics, Paulig, Finland

We are proud to be a founding member of the International Coffee Partners. Especially when looking at our joint achievements, benefiting 90.000 farmer families: Strengthening coffee farming communities, supporting the transition to more sustainable agriculture practices and supporting women’s empowerment in 13 production countries. The cooperation through ICP illustrates that profound change can succeed if we work on joint solutions beyond competition and engage in a respectful dialogue with farmers. This type of collaboration is unique in the coffee industry and can serve as a model for other areas and projects

Nanda Bergstein

Director Sustainability, Tchibo, Germany

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