ICP’s vision to improve the livelihoods of smallholder coffee farming families has become more relevant than ever. On Tuesday, June 15th our online celebration and panel discussion “Focus on People! How the coffee sector can ensure smallholder families’ livelihoods” took place. Kathrine Löfberg, Giuseppe Lavazza, Michael R. Neumann, Michael Opitz, Gunter Schall and moderator Sara Morrocchi came together to celebrate 20 Years of pre-competitive partnership and hands-on smallholder family support.

While celebrating ICP’s 20th anniversary, we also discussed the pressing issues smallholders are facing in the coffee sector and the solutions ICP is developing with them. Our goal is to assure improved smallholder families’ livelihoods – and the role of coffee in the development of thriving communities. Therefore, we further discussed whether the ICP approach offers a valid contribution to the necessary change.

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Over the years, we’ve come up with different methodologies to help smallholders take up the challenges they are facing. We have a big role in not only learning from others but being transparent with our experiences so that others can also learn from us. Creating good examples that can be replicated and used in other countries later on.

- Kathrine Löfberg | Chairperson of ICP

“Through ICP, we are trying to build a sustainable future for smallholder coffee farmers in the long run. However, coffee farmers are moving into a very competitive environment and entrepreneurship is the only way to go through.

Entrepreneurship means many things; it includes working on finances, productivity, safe use of inputs, digitalization, and innovation. Putting these ingredients into the minds of smallholder coffee farmers helps them think in a different way. That is the main goal.”

- Giuseppe Lavazza | Vice Chairman, Lavazza Group

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