ICP’s work is about people. Smallholder coffee farming families that prosper, become more competitive and increase sustainable production. To achieve this, ICP implements innovative project work on gender, youth, family business, farmer organizations and the promotion of climate change adaptation.
For the ICP Shareholders which are Delta Cafés (Portugal), Franck (Croatia), Joh. Johannson (Norway), Lavazza (Italy), Löfbergs (Sweden), Neumann Gruppe (Germany), Paulig (Finland) and Tchibo (Germany) as family owned companies being connected to smallholder coffee farming families is specifically important. Combined these family owned companies share a history of more than 880 years!

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we have been to the field a number of times and meet families who’s smile and impressive development showed us the real value of the work we do together. Numbers cannot deliver this message but they are important companions of our M&E system.

20 years of operational experience in smallholder coffee farming communities brings a number of numbers that shows the impact of ICP’s work.

Today we want to present some of them:

ICP Project Regions

Current and previous ICP project regions

Countries ICP worked in

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The first ICP project region was established in 2001 in Guatemala and Honduras. Currently ICP runs projects in the following 6 regions: BrazilEthiopia, Indonesia, Tanzania, Honduras and in Uganda.

Since founded in 2001, ICP has a vast impact:

Beneficiaries reached

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Projects implemented

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, ICP took response and adopted to the pandemic:

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  • Informing communities about the virus
  • Developing protocols to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Emergency support to ensure food security and crop cycles
  • Digital Training sessions
  • Production of tutorial videos
  • Individual household visits

Closing the living income gap


Coffe Yield


Increase of coffee yields due to provided ICP trainings.

Bean Quality


Increase of coffee bean quality due to provided ICP trainings.

Bean Price


Increase of coffee bean price due to provided ICP trainings.


Relief Fund

Funding through the emergency relief fund Hurricanes Iota and Eta in Honduras and Guatemala in 2020/21.



Of smallholder coffee farmers in 2018 said they see a brighter future.


Euros as Return on Investment for every $1 invested in Trifinio (based on an independent evaluation in 2017).


Coffee Production


Of smallholder coffee farmers in 2018 said they see a brighter future.
Invested money in coffee projects

Million Euro invested

Invested money in coffee projects

Years of shareholder companies history

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