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International Coffee Day 2023

Happy International Coffee Day 2023!

Written By:Anika Nicolaudius
Date:30 September 2023

Today is International Coffee Day! International Coffee Day is organized by the International Coffee Organization and happens every year on 1st of October since 2015. As International Coffee Partners (ICP), we are a pre-competitive partnership of European coffee companies - companies whose daily business depends on coffee farming families. That is why we want to use this day to celebrate the 12.4 Mio smallholder coffee farmers around the world - families who face a variety of challenges.

Here are 3 of the biggest challenges of smallholder coffee farmers:

1. Difficult accessibility of the market and price volatility

2. Youth migrating to urban areas which limits succession on coffee farms

3. Effects of climate change and environmental degradation

However, in the face of all adversities, the smallholder families in our projects rise to these challenges and achieve tremendous results. They learn about effective coffee production and greatly improve their farm management. They organize themselves in farmer organizations, support each other and gain better market access. They face up to the effects of climate change and prepare to resiliently withstand them. They diversify their businesses to be self-sufficient and independent. They have the courage to become entrepreneurs. They acknowledge the value of gender equality and strive to achieve it. They succeed and become role models for their communities.

That is why we want to express our admiration and applaud them today!

How are the challenges of coffee farming families being addressed? Watch this short video and get a glimpse!

Special thanks for contributing to this video go to:

Pandam Nugroho Prasetyo, Climate Change & Biodiversity Expert at HRNS Indonesia

Belkis Vicente, Youth Specialist at HRNS Honduras

Gustavo Michalsky Lima, Technician at HRNS Brasil

Nankya Jane, Coffee Farmer in Kitoto Village, Nakaseke District, Uganda

Abebanesh Asnake, Gender Program Coordinator at HRNS Ethiopia

Joseph Andrew Mapombe, Producer Organizational Trainer at HRNS Tanzania